The following PDF contains a list of books and articles submitted by translators working in various languages in response to a question posted on the ETN forum in February 2016:
I’m currently teaching on an undergraduate course in advanced translation from French and have been asked to suggest some reading on translation from a non-theory angle – we already do enough of that. Can anyone recommend anything offhand? Probably on literary translation and suitable for those working from French. I’d be so grateful, as I can think of random pieces but nothing major.
Translation from a non-theory angle – a selection of readings recommended by ETNers


The only resource of its kind, the Translation Database ( was founded in 2008 by Three Percent and Open Letter Books at the University of Rochester to track all original publications of fiction and poetry published in the U.S. in English translation. With more than ten years of data, it is a robust tool for identifying what books are available, from which countries and languages, published by which publishers, and more. With the goal of determining what new voices were being made available to English readers, the database excludes all retranslations of previously published books, giving readers and researchers a clearer sense of what contemporary voices are making their way into English. If there are titles missing from the database that are eligible for inclusion (never appeared in English in any form, distributed through conventional means in the U.S., published on or after January 1, 2008), there is an online form where you may enter them.

A Literary Translation Database for Publications, Journals, Review blogs, Awards, Contests, Events, Residencies, Grants, Funding, Organisations, Unions
Over the years, I am sure you’ve asked yourself the same questions:
“Where can I submit my translation of this amazing short story?”
“What competitions could I enter this poem into?”
“Where can I go to work on my book in peace and quiet for 3 months?”
“How can I get the chance to collaborate with other translators in a motivating, week-long summer school?”
“Where can I read reviews of translated literature?”
“Have I missed that book fair in Mexico?”
Well, here is a database extraordinaire (!) compiled by Charlotte Coombes ( – a kind of ‘one-stop-shop’ that is a really useful resource for literary translators (emerging and established). You can access the google doc via the link below. Please add entries, share and contribute… but try not to fiddle around too much with the columns etc… And please try and add entries in the appropriate sheets, too!