The Emerging Translators Network is a forum and support network for early-career literary translators working into English (primarily) and focussed essentially on the UK, although there is clearly an interest in the wider English-language publishing world.

We provide an email-based discussion group, where you can ask questions, seek and give advice, exchange tips and resources, post details of events and opportunities, even pass on work! Occasional meetings, socials, events and workshops are held in London throughout the year. Members outside London also organize meetings in their own areas.

It’s free to join, but prospective members should demonstrate a genuine interest in developing a career in literary translation, through one or more of the following, or by other means:

  • have published at least one translation (novel, short story collection, poetry collection, non-fiction), whether online or in print;
  • have professional experience as a commercial/non-literary translator, whether freelance or in-house;
  • have completed, or be close to completing, a postgraduate course in literary translation;
  • have a multilingual background (either from birth or acquired) combined with a keen interest in pursuing a career in literary translation.

If you would like to join us, please send an email to: etncontact@gmail.com telling us briefly who you are, how you meet our membership criteria and why you think ETN would be useful to you – please don’t just put “I would like to network with other translators”! Make it personal, tell us something about yourself and your aims and interest regarding literary translation. A few lines will suffice.

You must have a Gmail address in order to join – please either email us from a Gmail address or include one in the content of your message. It’s very easy to set one up, and once you’ve joined ETN you can change your settings to receive emails at whatever address you like.

We look forward to welcoming you!

If you’re based primarily in the Americas, you might prefer to join our sister organization, ELTNA: https://emerginglittransnetworkamerica.wordpress.com/